Welcome to my place on the net. I hope you find this site informative and the the music makes your ears feel nice. I have many fingers in many pies, you can find out which flavours in the 'about' section.

I'm now part of a project called Zealey & Moore. This is where I'm musically spending most of my time now. See below for more info. the blog button also links to the Z&M blog.

Also check out www.killkeith.co.uk.  starring Keith Chegwin, Tony Blackburn, Joe Pasquale & Russell Grant!! I did the most of the soundtrack for this movie, which went into cinemas on 11.11.11 and is  now available on DVD.  There are also some Z&M tracks in there too! The soundtrack is available to buy now by clicking on the cover below. It even won an award!

If you found this site because of my freeware software applications, please be aware that they are no longer supported. My commitment to other organisations and projects has left me little time to keep up with what Microsoft is doing to it's 'operating' systems every 20 minutes! :-) If like me, you are still a user of XP & Win98, you can still download the apps through this site, go to software on the menu.

Zealey & Moore

Me and my buddy Ian Moore have been gigging together for a while, as an acoustic duo. We share a mutual love of all things Bowie & Pink Floyd, and have made an album the reflects that shared love. We are now  working on our second. It's given us the chance to use our production skills and for Ian to pick up an electric guitar again! We are in the process of putting a full band together and will be gigging at the start of Sept 2012. For more info please visit www.zealeyandmoore.co.uk


My music

My most recent album, excluding the Kill Keith soundtrack and the latest Zealey & Moore album, is called HOMING DEVICE. It's a bit of a departure for me which I supsect will lose me some of my mailing list...but hey, it's all rock n' roll, swings and roundabouts ennit?

Buy this album from

or as downloads from

How to contribute to 'Homing Device'

Some folk who have obtained copies for free are asking how they can contribute to the project. If you feel you want to contribute (no pressure), you can make a donation directly to me using PayPal Buying the tracks as downloads from iTunes (when available)  will also help. Buying the album will help Thembalitsha UK care for orphans of AIDS, and help me make more copies available for free. Contact me if you want to pay another way.