Father and Mother Figure Freedom, Warmth and Security Gratefully Punished Mighty Hands

Grech on iTunes

These are 4 tracks of Martin's that I recorded at home, summer 2004. If you listen closely you may be able to hear the sound of chickens & lawnmowers.

Zealey & Moore


My other music project with my buddy Ian Moore.




Zeptepi is an Australian band that was formed by my buddy Phil.


Zeptepi album - 'Travelling through Time' - available on iTunes


This Is Freedom


Awesome band from Aylesbury who I've helped record and frequently lent a tambourine to!


48 Krash


My mates since I was 12 are in this blues rockin covers band.


Artists I like include:


Stephen Duffy

Aimee Mann

Dr. Robert



Tim Hughes

Jars Of Clay

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