A few weeks back my buddy Phil asked for a copy of a track included on a compilation of demos that I sent out to friends and family at Xmas 2002. On searching for the track I realised that here was nearly an albums worth of music that was just sitting there doing nothing. I remembered having quite a strong sense of achievement at the time as I’d managed to turn them around in a few months. I had a listen and had kinda forgotten what I'd done and really enjoyed hearing them again. It was a bizarre mixture of older numbers reworked and new material. I figured I’d sort the track for Phil, maybe mixing the track a bit better as my skills were pretty limited back then. Then I kinda lost the plot and decided I may as well go back and mix, then re-master, the lot!


What you’ve got here are my original demos, warts and all, with better mixed vocals and slightly enhanced in places where the quality was (often) very poor. There is another track on here that wasn’t included at the time because I just couldn’t get the mix right. There are a couple of tracks that didn’t make the grade, they were just too embarrassing and el crappo and pretty much, un-mixable.


This collection of tracks were never meant for ‘human consumption’ but I figured they could be of interest to those of you that keep asking me for more stuff  Please feel free to pass-on, upload and play these tracks, where you see fit. If you do enjoy these tracks, let me know, and convince me to make more available in the same way!


Love Z

(September 2007)

Download the 11 track album for free

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Zipped M3 Album (160 kbps - 47.34mb)

Zipped PDF album artwork (41.9mb)


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You can also download all the tracks from LAST.FM

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